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Published on 2018-01-30

China Visa Update: Chinese Government opens new Visa Application Center in Hong Kong

To better meet the needs of applicants for China Mainland visas and to provide better services, with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong SAR will introduce a visa outsourcing reform to handle visa applications through a visa application service center.

Published on 2018-01-24

ASEAN News: The manufacturing future in the coming 50 years

ASEAN has witnessed enormous growth since it was founded half a century ago. Today, the 10-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations forms the world’s third largest labour force, its fifth largest manufacturing economy in value-added terms and its seventh largest market. The region’s 4.4% growth (CAGR) during 2012-16 outpaced that of developed countries such as the United States and Germany. But it trailed that of neighbouring China.

As the region looks ahead to the next 50 years, managing the disruptive impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution must be high on its agenda. ASEAN’s competitive advantage stands at the crossroads.

Published on 2018-01-24

Hong Kong News: December inflation up 1.7%

The Census & Statistics Department announced that the overall consumer prices rose 1.7% year-on-year in December. Netting out the effects of the Government's one-off relief measures, the underlying inflation rate was also 1.7%, slightly higher than the 1.6% rise in November. Year-on-year price increases were recorded for meals bought away from… » read more

Published on 2016-12-09

Hong Kong News: New SME Initiative - Technology Voucher Programme

In an effort to strengthen the competitiveness of Hong Kong businesses the Hong Kong Government launched a 500 million Dollar Pilot "Technology Voucher Programme" (TVP) under the Innovation & Technology Fund. This programme aims to subsidise SME’s use of technological services and solutions to improve productivity and upgrade business processes.

Published on 2016-11-01

Hong Kong News: Stable job market makes employees evaluating opportunities

Hong Kong’s unemployment rate stays extraordinary low. Last figures show the rate at 3.4% for the third quarter 2016 with a seasonal adjustment with a voluntary fluctuation of about 15%. From an employer’s view, the stable job market brings challenges in keeping employees with the company as many opportunities for demanded talent are inviting. The… » read more