“Just hand in all the invoices and vouchers, we handle the entire accounting from then on.”

As part of our corporate services, we offer among other things:

  • Provision of balance sheets, statements of loss and gain and budget
  • Monitoring of the cash flow
  • Conducting forecasts to identify possible problems in the financial situation

Even though the generally accepted accounting principles in Hong Kong converge mostly with the IFRS, there are some differences, according to local tax requirements. Financial management in Asia is much more convenient when you have a specialised accountant on hand at KAYRO, who has a solid grounding in the ins and outs of Hong Kong accounting regulations and is used to working with the Inland Revenue Department.

By utilising the proficiency of KAYRO’s accounting service, you will always have transparency concerning the financial development of your Asian business and, therefore, an easy way to manage it since you maintain the control by having this information ready for you at any time.