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Hong Kong Visa Application

The Hong Kong SAR generally offers three kinds of visas: tourism, employment and investment.

To meet the necessary requirements to be granted an employment or investment visa is certainly not easy, but it is manageable. The time the immigration office needs to process the applications of employment and investment visas is officially four to six weeks, but, in practice, this period can be up to six months. To meet all requirements and prevent further delays on a client’s application, accurate planning is necessary and we at KAYRO have the experience and the employees on hand to be able to complete this for you.

As we are experienced with this process, KAYRO offers advice on visa applications and can handle the entire process, so it runs as smoothly as possible.

Info concerning countries and time for visa-free period:

Hong Kong Visa Types

Tourism Visa

For citizens of most countries, a visa-free period of 90 days to stay in Hong Kong is granted. Accepting employment is not allowed (paid or unpaid), or to establish or join in any business during your stay in Hong Kong.

Employment Visa

The application process is easy, but also a time-consuming prospect. In addition, there are a few requirements for successful visa applications, which are not always easy to meet. Hong Kong wants to make companies hire locals first. A job vacancy, no security objections and a remuneration package that can provide a sufficient living in Hong Kong are among the basics required. Aside from these, the candidate needs to possess special skills, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in the SAR.

To show, that the last requirement of special attributes of the candidate applies in the corresponding case is not trivial.

Spouses and children may also come to the SAR, and are also allowed to work here; the application process for them is much easier.

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Investment Visa

The application for an investment visa works similar to employment visas, but there are two extra requirements for applicants:

  • He/She must be in a position to make a substantial contribution to the economy
  • He/She needs a local sponsor who supports the application. - The sponsor can either be a company or an individual.
  • The difficulty with an investment visa is the first requirement, to show a substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong by the applicant.

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