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Tax structuring in Hong Kong

When going global there are always new challenges and opportunities concerning the structuring of tax for the company. Hong Kong is an especially interesting jurisdiction in this context since it has one of the lowest and simplest tax regimes worldwide. To help you to benefit from this situation, we help clients navigate through the maze of regulations and laws, and optimise tax structures with a good plan.

Even though Hong Kong has double taxation agreements (DTA) with many countries, including in Europe, Hong Kong has no such deal with the USA or Germany (see IRD website:

It is still possible to prevent double taxation under certain circumstances. The two major ways to minimise double taxation are either to obtain Hong Kong tax status to do offshore business (there is no tax on offshore profits in Hong Kong) or to install a proactive corporate structure. Both options involve some important processes and if you accidentally fail to complete one this could cause problems for your company and lengthy delays. We at KAYRO can step in, providing you relief that we can do the planning and help to structure your Hong Kong company, so this issue is handled as easily as possible for you.

For more information about the tax system in Hong Kong, look here.