Service Overview

Connecting you with Asia

Want to engage your business in Asia? Explore the opportunities in the Asian markets? Expand your supplier or customer network in the region? Is it time to set up a local office?

As the gateway into Asia, KAYRO is an international management consulting firm based in Hong Kong. We support companies in their business activities across the region with expert advice and practical services. Our experienced team can provide localised solutions to successfully implement your plans.

Use our comprehensive know-how in international business law, taxation, accounting and business management to streamline your business strategy. KAYRO is focused on bringing our knowledge of the regional economic structures and cultural practices to work for you. We bring solid experience in dealing with the local authorities and possess excellent links to local networks. Increase the efficiency of your business by outsourcing such tasks as the back-office and the trade & supply chain process. KAYRO is here to bring bespoke solutions in line with your business strategy.

Custom-made services

KAYRO makes it easier for you to gain a foothold in Asia and successfully establish your presence in this competitive region. Our clients include businesses of all sizes - from small family businesses to medium-sized businesses looking to expand into Asia. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our clients and working together with KAYRO will bring a sense of assurance to business success in Asia.

Company Incorporation

Establishing a tailor-made company, setting up the office structure as well as the registration and its management

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Corporate Services

Outsource your administrative back-office tasks (accounting, payroll, tax planning and auditing etc.)

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Trade & Supply Chain Services

Complete handling of your trade operations (orders, invoicing, accounting and shipping), etc.

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