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Bank account management and trusted bank signatory

Handling of all bank matters can be a long drawn-out process and prevents clients from concentrating on their core business and distracting their employees from actual work. Once we are authorised as a bank signatory, KAYRO can quietly and efficiently manage your bank accounts in Hong Kong as a fiduciary. To meet your requirements, we offer individualised services in all areas, including:

  • Setting up and opening of accounts
  • Settlement of money on behalf of our clients
  • Monitoring remittances
  • Handling multicurrency accounts, so we can work with money receivables and money disbursements in euros, yuan, dollars, pound sterling, Swiss francs and other currencies
  • Cash management, if required
  • Maintenance of bank account records

It is your decision on how much of this complex and burdensome work we handle, as you are still in full control. We are simply part of your operation and you can rely on us to be proficient and professional in every respect.