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Corporate and personal tax filing and returns

Hong Kong has low taxes and one of the easiest taxation regimes worldwide. The system is based on a territorial approach. Only natural and legal persons in Hong Kong who carry on a trade, profession, or business are charged a tax on profits arising in or derived from Hong Kong, regardless of whether a client is a resident or non-resident.

Every Hong Kong resident has to file a tax return. We can do the tax filing on your behalf, as it must be done once a year. We take care of the process and strictly meet the deadlines, so you don’t have to worry about this issue any longer. You can be certain we have complied with all the regulations and make sure you do not miss out on any tax advantages.

Profits tax is chargeable on the assessable profits for each year of assessment. The business year in Hong Kong begins on 1 April and ends on 31 March. Businesses can deviate from this standard financial year and adopt their own.
In contrast to many other jurisdictions, all outgoings and expenses spent in direct relation to making a profit are allowed as deductions. So there are no flat rates, which limit the deductable sum.

The annual tax filing for corporations must be done one month after the receipt of the tax return; first-time taxpayers have a three-month filing period. Our adept staff at KAYRO have a solid grounding in all tax matters and can handle all this for you with the least amount of fuss.