Company Incorporation

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Fast facts on what we offer at KAYRO:

  1. Client benefits:
    • Fostering closer relationships with customers and suppliers
    • Achieving more efficiency and thus saving money
    • Optimisation of taxation
  2. Working with a qualified and experienced partner
  3. Establishing a tailor-made company
  4. Minimisation of risk
  5. Being located closer to the second-largest economy in the world

The incorporation of a company can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Our dedicated, efficient and professional team at KAYRO provides personalised solutions for Company Incorporation and is completely focused on our clients’ needs and concerns. While you can concentrate clearly on getting your business off the ground, KAYRO’s experts keep you abreast of each step of the incorporation process. Our experts handle all the back-office tasks in a professional, timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

The value of KAYRO Solutions is evident in five areas:

  • Economical: Use your valuable time to grow the business
  • Tax: Optimisation of taxation
  • Risks and Overheads: No staff or office space is needed
  • Professional: Working with a reliable, qualified and experienced partner
  • Convenience: Ability to focus on customer/supplier relations

Centred in Asia’s World City, KAYRO is a solution specialist where we can set up companies and offices in Hong Kong and across Asia for any clients – large or small ­– with ease. Whether you are a manufacturer with established markets and want to improve on customer relations or if you are a start-up, we can find a solution that fits you. Just as every business is unique, we provide distinct solutions for your development plans. Clients decide whether to run the new office on their own, or use our Corporate Services and/or our Trade and Supply Chain Services, so you can focus on your core business operations, while we handle all the back-office tasks.

As an experienced and well-connected company with years of expertise at our fingertips, the reach of our consultancy extends beyond the basics. We know the practices within business and the relevant regulations in Hong Kong, which enables our informed staff to set up the company that fits your needs fast and with as little trouble as possible. In addition, we offer advisory services on everything concerning your Asia business. In the Special Administrative Region, the incorporation of a company is easily done, if completed in accordance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. Leveraging on our vast network in this global environment, KAYRO is capable of handling the needs of clients in places, including: