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Published in ASEAN News on 29.10.2020

ASEAN Series: Indonesia

As a result of the trade war between the USA and China, which has been ongoing since the beginning of 2018, rising production costs, a volatile money market and long-standing economic restrictions, more and more companies are deciding to relocate all or part of their production to southwest Asia - to the ASEAN region.

This week we will focus on Indonesia.

Published in ASEAN News on 28.10.2020

ASEAN Series: Vietnam

In our ASEAN series for possible alternative locations for diversified Asian business, this time we present Vietnam as a location.

Published in ASEAN News on 28.10.2020

ASEAN Series: Thailand

In our series of possible alternative locations for diversified Asian business, we present different countries and their different approaches to offer a range of incentive packages designed to attract companies affected by the trade war between the US and China. On a weekly basis, we consolidate the development of the incentives of the individual countries and discuss them briefly. The developments show how the ASEAN members differ and what opportunities are available to investors seeking locations elsewhere in Asia.

Published in Hong Kong News on 14.04.2020

COVID-19: Subsidies in Hongkong

In Hong Kong, as in many other parts of the region, the COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down. This provides the opportunity to address the economic consequences .
Due to the economic impact of the global shutdown, the Hong Kong government has taken measures to stabilize the economic situation and established a Pandemic Response Fund to mitigate the negative effects of the corona crisis.

Published in China News on 31.03.2020

China News: How COVID-19 affected global supply chains

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the business world in an unprecedented scale and speed. It has caused the closures of business, the stoppage of factory outputs, and the disruption to global manufacturing industries and their supply networks.

Published in ASEAN News on 29.10.2019

ASEAN News: ASEAN & EU discuss intelligent transport systems

The EU-ASEAN Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) took place in Singapore on 24-25 October, hosted by the Ministry of Transport and Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

The event was jointly opened by Mr. Henrik Hololei, Director-General for European Commission Directorate General for Mobility and Transport and Mr. Yap Ong Heng, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Transport of Singapore while Secretary-General of International Transport Forum Young Tae Kim delivered a key note speech.

Published in China News on 14.08.2019

China News: China's Economic Outlook in Six Charts

China’s economic growth is moderating and is projected to be 6.2 percent in 2019. In its latest annual assessment of China’s economy, the IMF found the quality of growth had improved in three ways in 2018. First, the pace of debt accumulation had slowed. Second, the financial system is better regulated and supervised. Finally, the current account surplus is no longer excessive. But trade tensions cloud the outlook, and reforms need to deepen if this progress is to be continued.

Published in China News on 29.07.2019

China News: China's role in the Asian century of globalization

The re-emergence of Asia is among the most important shifts that will occur in our lifetimes. Next year, in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms, Asian economies will become larger than the rest of the world combined for the first time since the 19th century. Not only is Asia growing richer; as it becomes more integrated, it is also coalescing as a constructive force for global governance.

Published in Hong Kong News on 13.06.2019

Hong Kong News: ASEAN-Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement enters into force

The ASEAN – Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement (AHKFTA) entered into force on 11 June 2019 for Hong Kong and five ASEAN Member States, namely, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. Under the AHKFTA, Hong Kong and Singapore will grant tariff free access and will bind their customs duties at zero upon entry into force of the agreement. B… » read more