The Tran Quoc pagoda in Hanoi

Published on 06.12.2011

Vietnam News: The Consultative Group meeting agreed on Restructuring the Economy and Ensuring Social Stability

Development Partners urge the government to continue implementation of measures to stabilize the economy, initiate reforms to restructure the economy and to reduce poverty. In support of government's reform effort, US$7.39 billion in development assistance was pledged for 2012.

The Consultative Group meeting between the Government of Vietnam and Development Partners was held today with delegates agreeing to work towards accelerating Vietnam’s economic restructuring and addressing new poverty dynamics.

The Government will focus on restructuring three key areas:

  • public investment
  • state owned enterprises and
  • the banking sector

At the same time, the Government considers enhanced social welfare and solutions to other social issues both objectives and means to sustainable development, and aims to reduce poverty by 2 percentage points next year.
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