The Bhumibol Bridge in Thailand by night, also known as the Industrial Ring Road Bridge.

Published on 27.04.2011

Thailand Economic Monitor - April 2011

Thailand’s economic activity is gradually returning to pre-crisis levels. The World Bank now predicts that the Thai economy will grow 3.7 percent in 2011, though considerable risks remain.

Despite the recent surge in oil prices, Thailand’s economy will continue to expand in 2011 and the pace of economic activity will move closer to that observed before the global financial crisis, the World Bank said in a new report. However, the risks to the outlook have also increased.

In the report, Thailand Economic Monitor April 2011, the World Bank said Thailand’s economic growth has broadened its base, with domestic consumption contributing more to growth than in the recent past and exports holding up well against the uncertain global outlook. Concerns about high prices of food and fuel are likely to persist in 2011, but the Thai economy is expected to weather these rough currents and post a solid performance during the year......

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