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Published in Hong Kong News on 02.05.2024

Hong Kong News: Hong Kong Government Implements Annual Review of Statutory Minimum Wage

The Hong Kong government has officially accepted the recommendations put forth by the Minimum Wage Commission (MWC) regarding the review process for the Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) in the city.

Under the new guidelines, the SMW rate will be reviewed on an annual basis, ensuring that adjustments are made regularly. The MWC has proposed a formula for conducting these reviews, taking into account two key indicators: inflation and the economic growth factor.

Published in Hong Kong News on 21.08.2023

HK News: Restrictions on language proficiency hinder Hong Kong companies from attracting international talent

Hong Kong has been easing immigration rules left and right to attract more foreign workers into the city.

However, one problem — as pointed out by Mathew Gollop, managing director of Connected Group — is that some firms still fail to hire talent from overseas due to limiting factors such as language requirements.

“A candidate of mine took on a new role. His role is to look at talent as part of their diversity program and his first conversation with the talent function was to say, ‘Why do so many of our job descriptions have ‘must speak Cantonese?’ The response was: ‘We don’t know, that’s just what it says on the job description,’” Gollop told Hong Kong Business.

“Of course, many jobs in the local market will require Cantonese as a language but that’s a huge limiting factor when we know that the local talent market is decreasing. If we’re looking outside of that, then we’re going to have to be more flexible on some of these language requirements,” he said.