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Published in Hong Kong News on 01.11.2016

Hong Kong News: Stable job market makes employees evaluating opportunities

Hong Kong’s unemployment rate stays extraordinary low. Last figures show the rate at 3.4% for the third quarter 2016 with a seasonal adjustment with a voluntary fluctuation of about 15%.

From an employer’s view, the stable job market brings challenges in keeping employees with the company as many opportunities for demanded talent are inviting. These opportunities are not only limited to wages but also important regarding strategic career perspectives or overall job satisfaction.

Therefore, generating a positive work environment with clear communicated and attractive career paths, as well as team building measures, are only some ways, to keep attractive as an employer on the long term.
While building an employer brand should be objective for all companies, we can help foreign companies to figure out many of the dos and don’ts to keep your staff in Asia happy and loyal.

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