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KAYRO, Your Partner in Asia (International Consulting)

KAYRO is specialized in company incorporation, business and tax advisory, accounting, payroll, compliance, auditing and financial reviews in Asia. We create new opportunities for your business.

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Fast facts on what we offer at KAYRO:

KAYRO and its experienced team works together with partners throughout the region. Leveraging on our local network and contacts, KAYRO is here to bring solutions to your pressing needs to give you the freedom to focus on growing your business.

Whether you already operate in Asia Pacific or wish to expand your existing business to Asia Pacific, KAYRO can establish your office, run the logistics of the office, administer accounting, provide tax advice, take care of the administration of your Asia trading and advise you with operational and strategic queries you might have concerning business in the region.

KAYRO is here to make your business more efficient by ensuring that you can concentrate on your core business while we can take care of the rest.
Our customers include both SMEs and multinational companies. We aim to develop a long-term partnership with our customers, with the common goal to guarantee your company's success.

Our cooperation with Mr. Kaymer of KAYRO Solutions has been a great pleasure during the last six years. As our resident board member he is also an active part of our company and contributes to the success of our Asian operations. We can recommend to anyone interested in doing business via Hong Kong in Asia to work with Mr. Kaymer and his company KAYRO Solutions.

André Hempel, Managing Director

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ASEAN Series: Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar

The four least economically developed countries in South West Asia are Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Until now also Brunei is seen as one of the economically less important countries in the region. (image: business-in-china-12.png)

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ASEAN Series: Singapore

When the state of Singapore was expelled from the Malaysian Federation in 1965, the former English crown colony was confronted with major problems such as mass unemployment, shortage of housing, arable land and raw materials. It is mainly thanks to the Dutch economist Albert Winsemius, who in cooperation with the state government, brought about Singapore's steep economic rise. Today, Singapore is one of Asia's most important financial centers and trans-shipment centers for goods, as well as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). As a country with a decidedly liberal economic policy, excellent infrastructure and low taxes, it attracts many foreign investments and a skilled workforce, which further drives the innovative and dynamic economy. (image: business-in-china-10.png)

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ASEAN series: Philippines

The Philippine economy shows a clear disparity: a modern electronics industry and a booming service sector on the one hand, and poverty and subsistence agriculture on the other. In addition, there is a developmental inequality between Greater Manila ("National Capital Region" / NCR), which in many places reflects the level of development of an emerging country, and the economically more backward provinces and remote islands. (image: business-in-china-9.png)

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