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Registered office and company secretary

There are several obligations in Hong Kong that are of crucial importance during and after the initial incorporation of your company.

Obligations of a Hong Kong Limited company:


Every Hong Kong company needs to have at least one shareholder. The shareholder may be any natural or legal person, and there is no residency requirement.

Director / Change in 2014

Similar to the shareholder requirements, a Hong Kong company also needs to have at least one director who can be a natural or a legal person, Hong Kong resident or not. There will be a change in 2014 by the implementation of the New Companies Ordinance, which requires all companies to have at least one natural person acting as a director.

Registered Office

Hong Kong companies must have at least one registered office that needs to be situated in Hong Kong; setting up just a P.O. Box is not allowed. Since several offices may be registered in one space, we can host your office address within our own, thereby reducing your overheads. If you were to set up your own office, you would expose your company to the constant problem of landlords raising rents and then having to move offices. We eliminate that problem for you and you have not lost any money in initial set-up costs. We can maintain your office within ours for as long as you deem necessary.

Company Secretary

A Hong Kong corporation needs a company secretary who can be a legal or a natural person, but must be a Hong Kong resident. We can provide the company secretary service for you and take care of the numerous obligations this position entails such as:

  • Being responsible to the registrar of companies for administering the company’s statutory records, including
  • Declaration of the relevant organisational structure,
  • Report changes of shareholders and directors
  • File the annual return of its present company structure once a year within 42 days after the anniversary date of its incorporation.
  • Maintaining an up to date set of normal statutory books (a register of members and transfers and more)
  • Contemplating the agenda of company meetings for the Board of Directors
  • Preparing and keeping the minutes of the meetings of its directors and shareholders
  • Preparing annual general meetings of shareholders, at which the audited accounts are presented, the directors re-elected and the auditors reappointed.