Veröffentlicht in Hong Kong News am 11.10.2023

HK News: The utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in various operational areas is expected to become mainstream among Hong Kong enterprises next year.

Currently, only 30% of enterprises in Hong Kong have integrated AI tools into their operation processes, such as marketing and customer services, based on data from HKPC Digital Transformation.

The Hong Kong Productivity Council’s (HKPC) Digital Transformation unit predicts that the percentage of enterprises utilizing AI tools will increase to nearly 50% within the next year. The adoption of AI tools in marketing, customer service, and business development/expansion is set to become the norm.

Among the AI tools already adopted by enterprises in Hong Kong, chatbots are used by 20% of them, while Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is utilized by 19%. Additionally, text generators are employed by 14% of enterprises, image generators by 12%, and speech-to-text tools by 12%.

In addition, the HKPC’s “Hong Kong Enterprise Digitalisation Index Survey” found that 40% of enterprises believe their employees lack proficiency in using AI tools. This highlights the need for businesses to provide more training to enhance their employees' skills in effectively utilizing AI tools.