Veröffentlicht am 23.03.2014

The KAYRO Solutions Team: Experts in Global Trade

Trade is the backbone of the global economy, and in modern times much of that trade circulates through the heart of world commerce in Hong Kong.

At KAYRO, our dedicated team has been specialized in providing trade services allowing our clients to do business from an Asian base benefitting from its unique business environment.

At KAYRO, our trade service capability broadly includes:

  • Customized Direct Import and Direct Export Programs
  • Asian Trade Fair Consulting and Assistance Services
  • Product Testing and Reliability Consulting
  • Factory Audit Coordination and Consulting
  • Logistics and Financial Coordination

Remember, trade in Asia is no longer defined as access to the world’s low-cost-shop. Hong Kong is the gateway jurisdiction bridging diverse markets from China and Korea to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. We are here to assist you, and help provide KAYRO clients everywhere with a comprehensive management solution, connecting business between business in Asia and the Western world.