Veröffentlicht in China News am 01.11.2023

China News: Health Declarations No Longer Required for Travel to and from Mainland China

Effective today, November 1, 2023 (Wednesday), individuals travelling to or from Mainland China will no longer be obligated to complete the Mainland China health declaration form, as officially announced by China Customs. This decision marks the removal of all travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

However, it is important to note that individuals displaying symptoms of infectious diseases, including fever, cough, breathing difficulties, vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, or unexplained subcutaneous bleeding, or those who have received a diagnosis of an infectious disease, must promptly report to customs authorities. Upon reporting, they will be subjected to temperature checks, epidemiological investigations, medical examinations, and sampling inspections as instructed by the customs officials.

It is emphasized that individuals who deliberately conceal or evade quarantine measures will be held legally accountable. Furthermore, those who contribute to the spread of infectious diseases or pose a significant risk of transmission will face corresponding criminal charges, as cautioned by the relevant authorities.

The official announcement on the China Customs Website (Chinese only)