Veröffentlicht am 17.07.2014

China News - The Pearl River Delta: not just a tale of two cities

Although Hong Kong and Macau remain much more prosperous than anywhere else in China, their economic prospects are bound up with the development of Guangdong province, which neighbours both territories in mainland China. Finance and tourism both stand to benefit from rising prosperity in the Pearl River Delta that encompasses them all, supported by infrastructure that will create an integrated economy with more than 100m inhabitants. Over the longer term, both Hong Kong and Macau look set to maintain their competitive niches, even as the mainland city of Guangzhou becomes the fulcrum of the regional economy.

Despite their autonomous political status, Hong Kong and Macau have evolved economic models that are heavily dependent on economic growth in mainland China and Chinese policies towards the two territories. In both territories the retail, tourism, and hotels and restaurants sectors are dependent on spending by Chinese visitors, with tourism in Macau fuelling the booming casino and construction trades. Meanwhile, Hong Kong plays an important role as a finance, trade, transport and logistics hub for the whole of southern China.

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